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Libya is not the Falklands and this ain’t the Eighties. Shame on you The Sun.

Have you seen this?

The Sun front page "That's For Lockerbie"

I’m disgusted that my people would behave this way. A supposedly civilised nation and we’re gloating and cheering over a man being murdered in the street? It’s fucking barbaric. Maybe the Libyans have got an excuse, a group of men and boys with heated blood and lifetimes of oppression, they couldn’t wait for justice and instead took immediate revenge for their own personal gratification. But that’s not justice and we, as a peaceful (on our own soil anyway), supposedly developed and democratic nation, should know better.

How is an undignified and bloody death vindication for bloody Lockerbie? Even if the imbeciles who prove that the Sun really does originate somewhere in the seat of their trousers feel that this is the appropriate culmination to Gaddafi’s regime, gloating over his death on the front page is frankly disgusting.

Every one of the red tops ran a similar leader, but The Sun surpassed them all in grotesque, childish malice. It wasn’t for Lockerbie anyway, it was for his violent, bloody oppression of his own people for the last four decades. I very much doubt your average Libyan could really give tuppence for a plane full of dead Americans, bombed before they were even born. Avenging a few dozen foreign lives in the face of their own loss and agony would be a gross misplacement of priorities, however significant the PanAm atrocity might still be in the West.

Today I have to say, I am ashamed of my countrymen. This is not the face of Britain I want to show to the world, especially the newly emerging Arab democracies. Can we not set a good example for fuck’s sake? We’ve had long enough to learn.

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