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It Fits, No Miss, No Maybe. It’s Misfits!

Tomorrow marks the start of an auspicious second series for cracking E4 drama Misfits which, despite being precisely what I imagine the pitch to have been [“Basically Harry, it’s Skins meets Heroes…Yeah.”] is well-balanced, self-aware and pretty compelling, not to mention as casually hilarious as nights round your mate’s house after college. Everything I require from my midweek digital and/or web-based viewing. 4 have dropped a few squids on the production too, not to mention the slick website, which at present features a rather sexy countdown graphic.

Antonia Thomas as Alisha in Misfits


There is also firecracker Antonia Thomas, who will probably play me in the The Social Network-style film of my life.


Thanks to its deserved, though utterly unexpected BAFTA win, this series has a much higher profile than the last. Good for them of course, and good for us if it means telly like this keeps getting made, but it robs me of my smug superiority in knowing something other people don’t. It reminds me yet again, that if I were more efficient with my blogging I could demonstrate that I’ve got my finger on some pop cultural pulse, rather than trying to convince you. I am without my laptop at the moment and I’m seeing all these blogging opportunities pass by. It makes me determined to be better, when I finally get it back!

To follow is a post I wrote weeks ago about E4 being the font of British popcultural greatness. Better late than never?

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