The coining of words will feature in this self-indulgent public exposure of my writings and opinions, amongst other thrilling cultural gems. Latest word? Demongraphic. It’s the kind of people who will watch fantasy genre programming, especially 16-24s.

Please comment away and feel free to disagree, I like a debate. I don’t even mind being wrong; it’s all interesting isn’t it? Well no, most things aren’t, but do it anyway.

Images are used without permission for the purposes of illustrating and promoting interest in popular culture, without intention of copyright infringement.  If you own any images you see here, and want a credit or to have it taken down, please send me a message, I’ll be glad to oblige. Also, please don’t steal!

Backstage access to my “vague genius” [Chowdory, 2009] at I Am The Noctuary @ Gmail . Com

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